In these times of confinement, when the pandemic is killing so many people and causing many others to suffer, we reflect beyond our own needs to the health of the planet and all humanity. Facing the sorrow for so many human losses because of the commercialization of care facilities and attention to our elders, we […]

In Lockdown, Challenge to Our Social Model

To commemorate ‘Israel Apartheid Week’, WiB Vienna held a vigil on 24.03 in the City center with posters depicting the sufferings of the Palestinians in the city of Hebron. Standing for the vigil were 12 women and men activists among whom was Ruth Fruchtmann the author of ‘Jerusalem Tag’. Many passersby including tourists coming for […]

Vigil in Vienna: Hebron, a Ghost Town Enforced by Israel ...

In October 2000, the UN passed Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. It aimed to protect women and girls – during conflict and afterwards, to recognize women’s rights and identify gender-specific crimes in order to protect women and girls from rape and other forms of sexual exploitation. The UN also aimed to end impunity […]

End impunity for “Blue Helmets”

  Colombia – 16 al 23 de agosto de 2010 –   Somos nosotras quienes seguimos sufriendo los estragos de la guerra en lo social, político, psicológico, físico, económico y cultural; nuestro cuerpo es considerado botín de guerra; somos tratadas como objeto y esclavizadas por el sistema. Igualmente la guerra ha agudizado la violencia, la […]

Encuentro de Mujeres y Pueblos de las Américas contra la ...