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News from WIB Armenia

Protests in Armenia against the appointment of the new prime minister have been met with excessive force by police forces and mass arrests, including of members of Women in Black Armenia’s Peace Building Initiative. You can read WiB Armenia’s public statement on the violence here

WiB International gathering in South Africa, 5-8 March 2018

Latest Update: Women in Black international gathering hosted by WiB South Africa (WIBSA), Capetown.

“Displaced Lives”
6-8 MARCH 2018
The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

For more than five days in March, Women in Black met in Capetown, South Africa, for one of the most inspiring, enjoyable and illuminating gatherings that the network has enjoyed. Thirty years after the founding of Women in Black in Israel, Women in Black South Africa (WiB-SA) hosted more than 100 women, around half from countries around the world – and the others, activists living and working in South Africa.

Women in Black South Africa (WiB-SA) is a pan-African, feminist, anti-war group, that works against structural violence, racism, poverty and the economic policies that promote them. They created a beautiful space for discussion, connection and reflection in Capetown’s castle, founded by the East India Company – a very suitable venue for the challenging the patriarchal, colonialist and racist past – and the legacy of the past in today’s South Africa.

The theme of the gathering was “Displaced Lives” in all its forms and meanings, including emotional, psychological and spiritual displacement, between women across class, colour, faith and ideological divisions, and through this theme and many other workshops, places and speaces, the gathering addressed the legacies of racism, hatred and class and power interests that underpin the current forms of systemic violence in South Africa and globally.

A full report will be available soon, and details will appear on this page; meanwhile so many thanks for those who welcomed us, informed us and embraced us – and from who we learned so much. Now it’s our responsibility to take WIB_SA’s work use it to challenge our own countries’ complicity in maintaining racism and discrimination in South Africa; to challenge violence against women in all its forms; and to challenge the power that creates poverty, injustice and war.

Some photgraphs of our gathering will be uploaded soon.