Time and place: Ongoing activities – check our website for full details.

About: On 9th October 1991, we began a public nonviolent protest against the war; the Serbian regime’s policy; nationalism; militarism and all forms of hatred, discrimination and violence. Thus far, we have organized more than 500 protests, most of which took place in Belgrade streets and squares, but also in other cities of Serbia and Montenegro, throughout the former Yugoslavia, many cities of Europe, and around the world WE CHOOSE ANTIMILITARISM Antimilitarism and non-violence are our spiritual orientation and our political choice. We reject military power and the production of arms for the killing of people, of human working nature, and for the domination of one sex, nation, or state over another. We speak out for recognition of difference, reciprocity, respect for nature, and for development in accordance with the needs of the civil population, and not the civil and military oligarchy and their national interests.


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