Vigil 14 October 2023

We have had fairly small turnouts for our Vigils in the past year, mainly because many of our number are getting older. 

However, we announced that our focus on 14 October would be peace in Palestine and Israel. We were amazed by the turnout. People are horrified by the actions of Hamas, but feel that the actions of the Israeli military in Gaza is brutal revenge against civilians and will not lead to peace.

In the following weeks we have seen good turnout and some women who were in Glasgow for the day held an ‘informal’ WIB vigil. 

A number of us supported the annual event for Medical Aid for Palestinians in Edinburgh and they raised £15,812 – significantly more than ‘usual’.


Edinburgh weekly vigil on Saturdays 1-2 pm at the East end of Princes Street opposite the Balmoral Hotel.

Facebook: Women in Black: https://www.facebook.com/womeninblackedinburgh/

Contact: jbenvie@yahoo.co.uk

Women in Black Scotland started in 2001. There has been a vigil in Edinburgh every Saturday since 2004.