South Africa

Cape Town


Time and place: Contact: Lameez Lalkhen (office) +27 21 9593162

About: In January 2007 the Gender Equity Unit based at the University of the Western Cape, selected a group of students and staff to attend the World Social Forum in Kenya. In two powerful events women rallied together to make their voices heard. In particular, the Women in Black event inspired us. We decided that we would start the “Women in Black – South Africa” (WIBSA) on our return. Colonial and Apartheid rule may be formally defeated but current macroeconomic policies sustain the systemic inequalities of racial capitalism. Women continue to bear the brunt of a social and economic structure and policies that are anti-poor, racist and unjust. Founded in April 2007 we invite all women to join us and to contribute with their ideas, as one way to deal with violence worldwide in its present appearance. Women in Black – South Africa denounces the violence of war, torture, rape, demolishment of homes, disappearances, rights abuses and misogyny. Our mandate is through silent protest to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with people in areas of violent conflict wherever they may be. Women in Black – South Africa’s main objectives are: To bring an end to a culture of violence. To actively oppose injustice, poverty, and all forms of violence. To resist all forms of aggression.