We started our Women in Black group back in November 11th with just three of us standing holding placards by the side of the road in Chesham.

We met at 12 noon and stood for 1 hour and gradually over the weeks more and more people have joined us and we have moved our vigil to the other end of town to enable more people to join. We meet in the same place and same time every Saturday with different people joining us. 

We had a stall after one of the Vigils to collect money for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and within a couple of hours had collected just over £300.

We held a Silent Vigil remember the 1948 Nakba.  Some of the group are having a stall at our local carnival in June to collect more money for MAP.

There is another group in Chesham called Chiltern Peace and Justice Group and we try to support each other in various activities to raise awareness about what is happening in Gaza.