25 years of Women in Black Leuven. Celebration on 2 March 1

Here’s a short account from some Women in Black from London who attended this lovely celebration,
It was a privilege and a pleasure to share in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Leuven Women in Black (WiB) on 2 March 2019. Together with WiBs from many countries including Armenia, Austria, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Israel, Scotland, Serbia and Spain, we commemorated 25 years of vigils and actions Leuven women have taken against war and violence. One of the most amazing parts of the event was when each woman explained her experiences and connection with WiB, and we then discussed how we could support Armenian Women in Black who will be organising the next Gathering. After we all stood in a powerful vigil with our banners and placards outside Leuven’s City Hall of about 100 people, we then participated in a public event where speakers talked about Women in Black’s origins in Jerusalem, opposing nationalism, militarism and violence against women as war ravaged the former Yugoslavia, lesbian feminists in the peace movement, feminism and non-violent resistance, songs, and poems. Where there is so much glorification of war, it was wonderful to join our Leuven sisters and mark this anniversary of protest and resistance against the patriarchy and violence. Photos of the celebration can be seen here:

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One thought on “25 years of Women in Black Leuven. Celebration on 2 March

  • Carol Razewski

    My wife, Carol Razewski, died 1 January 2021. She stood on the corner of 10th and L street (the park strip) in Anchorage, Alaska, for 15 years for the Women In Black. She often had friends and several others that became friends to stand with her. We had signs with PEACE on them. When she started there were several cars that went by giving us the finger. Lately there were a bunch more cars going by with thumbs up and tooting.