It is not a war but a health emergency

Statement from Women in Black, Madrid, 30 March 2020

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♀ Invest less in military spending and more in education and health. With what we spent on a Eurofighter fighter plane, we could build two hospitals or 25 schools. We must reduce spending on social and military control, reduce its accumulated debt and reconvert the military industry into useful industries for this new society. Military spending for social needs!

♀ Work for a civil society that is capable of protecting itself in an emergency. Health care, cleaning, production and distribution of food and basic necessities, dissemination of useful and truthful information, and all care tasks, are civil tasks that can provide jobs. Civil society is prepared to carry out this work without the need for us to use military force. Military expenses for social needs!

♀ Strengthen public health services, to guarantee quality universal care. Increase publicly run nursing homes, guaranteeing comprehensive, dignified care and sufficient supply of places. Privatization wreaks havoc in these residences, as well as in centers for minors, dependents, etc. You cannot speculate or negotiate with the social services necessary to facilitate coexistence. Health, education are essential for life Military expenses for social needs!

Our special recognition to all the people who are taking care of life in this health emergency.

Let’s expel the war and violence of history from our lives

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