WiB London

The bi-annual  Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI)  arms fair is due to be held at the London EXCEL centre between 12 – 15 September. It brings together 1,700+ arms companies who promote their lethal wares to an expected 36,000+ attendees from around the world.  The event is supported by the Ministry of Defence and […]

Two months to STOP the London Arms Fair

This history of Women in Black, begun by Cynthia Cockburn in 2018 and completed, after her death in 2019, by Sue Finch, is now available to order online through Amazon (details below). Women in Black starts with the origins of the network in Israel during the second intifada and concludes with the war in Armenia, […]

A History of Women in Black

  Increased  violence and injustice  against children and families in Palestine. 2022 was a ‘deadly year for children in Palestine’, according to the human rights group Defence for Children International. Israeli forces and settlers shot and killed 36 Palestinian children with live ammunition in the occupied West Bank.  In addition, 17 Palestinian children were killed […]

Justice for Palestinians

A world at war needs your gift of peace Global military spending in 2021 reached US$ 2113 billion, exceeding $2 trillion for the first time, the equivalent of, $268 per person.  UK military spending for 2022-3 is  £48.6 billion.  In addition the UK gave £2.3 billion of military assistance to Ukraine and more is promised. […]

Give a present for Peace this Christmas

Women in Black are very worried about our sisters in Armenia, who – yet again- are living through another period of armed conflict. Just after midnight on 13 September 2022, Azerbaijan launched a major attack against Armenia and began shelling towns and villages in south Armenia, using high-calibre firearms, artillery and drones. By the end […]

Supporting Women in Black Armenia

Women in Black are protesting around the world, from London (photo above) to Serbia (text below) Anti-war protest  On the occasion of the aggression of the Russian Federation against the Republic of Ukraine, Women in Black organize a protest in mourning and silence “Stop the war in Ukraine!” on Saturday, February 26, 2022, at 12 […]

Stop the war in Ukraine!

“For me it is essential to always move forward from the patriarchal culture of war to my feminist culture and vision of peace. Annelise Ebbe During the year 2020, we Mujeres de Negro (Women in Black) have expressed our opinion about various current topics that have seemed especially important to us. We want to say […]

Neither docile, submissive not silent