Give a present for Peace this Christmas

A world at war needs your gift of peace

Global military spending in 2021 reached US$ 2113 billion, exceeding $2 trillion for the first time, the equivalent of, $268 per person.  UK military spending for 2022-3 is  £48.6 billion.  In addition the UK gave £2.3 billion of military assistance to Ukraine and more is promised. War and weapons will not bring sustainable peace to Ukraine and Russia. The Ukraine-Russia war is creating a new global arms race, taking resources from those in need in the UK and Globally.

“In the last year, the world has witnessed a shocking deterioration of the global security climate. Women and girls in particular are experiencing significant consequences, including their displacement within and across borders and an intensified risk of all forms of sexual violence.
Sima Bahous, UN Under Secretary-General and UN Women

Please give a donation to a ‘peace organisation’

 MSF ( works in  Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Congo, Sudan, and many other countries: Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid in more than 70 countries to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare.

 British Red Cross ( ) have launched a Winter Crisis Appeal for people in the UK and overseas. This acknowledges the impact of austerity measures and price rises in the UK and the impact of on-going wars in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria. The UK sold arms to Saudi Arabia, who then used them in the Yemen. The war there has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.  

MEDACT (  Medact speaks out for countless people across the globe whose health, well-being and access to proper health care are at risk from war, poverty and environmental damage.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (  WILPF is an international Non Governmental Organization with sections in 40 countries as well as offices in Geneva and New York based at the United Nations.  Since 1915, WILPF has brought women from across the world together to share  a vision of peace by nonviolent means, promoting justice for all. In the UK, WILPF members work to offer a feminist perspective to building peace. They lobby and challenge government, explore root causes of conflict and mobilise women in preventing war and building peace

And make a New Year resolution: get organised! Join the Campaign Against Arms Trade
( The global arms trade, and the UK role within it, has a devastating impact on human rights and well-being. It reinforces a militaristic approach to international problems. Work with CAAT to end UK arms manufacture and export

 Women in Black hold vigils every Wednesday between 6-7 pm at the Edith Cavell Statue, opposite the door of the National Portrait Gallery, St.Martin’s Place, London WC2. Our vigils are silent, women-only and if possible we wear black. We welcome all women who support our call for an end to militarism and war.

Contact us:  Twitter @WIB_London    FB

Donations for leaflets most welcome

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