Supporting Women in Black Armenia

Women in Black are very worried about our sisters in Armenia, who – yet again- are living through another period of armed conflict. Just after midnight on 13 September 2022, Azerbaijan launched a major attack against Armenia and began shelling towns and villages in south Armenia, using high-calibre firearms, artillery and drones.

By the end of the first day it’s estimated that 49 people had been killed, and others injured including two women, taken to hospital. Women in Black Armenia write, “This is very frustrating to go through this again and again. Hope this will end soon, although it never ended before“.

By 17 September, Azerbaijan was attacking cities across three region of Armenia, including civilian infrastructures. More than 135 Armenian civilians have been killed including 71 living in Azerbaijan. Two women soldiers have been tortured and mutilated and one killed.

“The situation here it’s really frustrating. I have never felt this unsafe and unprotected. The situation here is very tense. Hundreds of people are died and everything still continues. The reaction of the west is very frustrating and makes us angry. They fail to call the aggressor, they fail to call it invasion of Armenia, they fail to call it a war against us. Because gas and oil is more important, power and money are the main priority and we are not white enough, don’t have blue eyes and don’t watch Netflix. Nobody will probably sanction Azerbaijan and do something to really stop this war”. 

Women in Black internationally are trying to support Women in Black Armenia. More information will be added soon. For more news, see Armenia – Just another Women In Black Network site

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